An Urgent Fish Farm Update from Alexandra Morton

The Harper government of Canada gave the Norwegian salmon feedlot industry the green light to expand in BC. Days later on January 28, 2014, Marine Harvest (the biggest of the three Norwegian operators using BC to grow “their” fish)  was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. They are talking big expansion, looking for US investors. Each fish farm is now issued a federal licence giving the companies the power to use fish infected with salmon viruses in their farms. This contravenes the Fisheries Act, and Alexandra Morton is in court with Ecojustice to stop this dirty practice. As it stands now, it is a death sentence to the wild salmon of British Columbia.

There are two things you can do to stop this industry from harming the oceans – 1) do not buy farmed salmon and 2) make sure the Province of BC does NOT agree to rent the seafloor to each salmon farm by signing the petition on

Each salmon farm also needs a provincial licence – a rental agreement for the seafloor below the floating farm. We need  to send a clear message to the Premier of British Columbia – do not rent the seafloor to the salmon farming industry. See Alexandra’s blog for details  Please encourage your friends and family to sign the petition to Christy Clark – for the wild salmon.

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For almost forty years, Alexandra Morton studied orcas near the northern tip of Vancouver Island. Those whales eat sockeye salmon. When Morton learned that these fish were endangered, she decided to save the salmon, in order to protect her whales.

For more on Alexandra Morton listen to  the CBC Ideas program Saving Salmon,  with Paul Kennedy,  at

To: Premier of British Columbia, Christy Clark, Premier, BC

Dear Premier Christy Clark:

Please do not issue Licences of Occupation to the salmon farms trying to expand in British Columbia. Wild salmon are much too important to the world to risk for a dirty industry that refuses to contain its waste and pollutes our oceans.


[Your name]


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