Our Annual Survey of BCTF Executive Committee Candidates

We’ve just sent out our 2014 Survey of BCTF Executive Committee Candidates. Responses to the survey will be posted on our website as they are returned at http://pagebc.ca/2014-PAGE-Survey.php.

The purpose of the survey is to promote awareness and informed consideration of Resolutions coming to the BCTF Annual General Meeting, and to assist delegates with their voting choices.  PAGE is extremely grateful for candidates taking the time to answer the survey.  We wish all candidates the best for their campaigns.

The survey is as follows:

PART I: AGM Resolution

The 2014 BCTF Annual General Meeting is scheduled to discuss a number of Resolutions related to social justice and labour union sustainability. Please indicate clearly how you will vote on these Resolutions (whether for, against, after considering debate, or by abstaining), and the reasons for your choice.  Please limit your response to fifty words per Resolution.

154 (Wal Mart divestment)

158 (fossil fuel industry-sponsored education materials)

161 (Code of Ethics revision)

166 (moment of silence)

170 (teacher education programs

PART II: Peace and Global Education

Please highlight, in 200 words or less, any involvement you’ve had in promoting peace and global education.  Feel free to include motions you’ve put forward in your Local or at the provincial level of the BCTF, examples from your work as a classroom teacher, and/or activism beyond the BCTF.


British Columbia Teachers for Peace and Global Education (PAGE BC) is one of 32 Provincial Specialist Associations (PSAs) of the British Columbia Teachers' Federation. PSAs are channels for members to exchange ideas on research, teaching strategies, curriculum development, and other shared interests. Peace & Global Educators teach for citizens of the world who demonstrate humanitarian concern & are cognizant of living in a socially responsible manner.

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