Touring a Province built on free land with half priced labour

Looking out from abandoned CPR tunnel blasted by Chinese railway workers. Photo: Ray Liu,

Sharing BC’s ‘Hidden’ History Shared by Chinese and Indigenous People is a thought provoking Tyee article by Meg Mittlelstedt written about a trek she took through the Fraser Canyon up to Lytton, Lillooet and then Mount Currie. The tour, organized and run by Bill Chu, founder of the Canadians for Reconciliation Society, has been operating over the past five years initially to offer Chinese Canadians a perspective on their interwoven history with First Nations peoples of the area. This year the focus shifted to target English speaking Christian groups with a hope, according to Chu, to make the point to Churches working with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that the work is not yet finished. Without justice, reconciliation has not been accomplished.

“Something would be amiss if we stop at the TRC,” Chu says, noting that the damage to Canada’s Indigenous populations goes far beyond that of residential schools. “I don’t want people to be under the impression that ‘reconciliation’ has already happened. It’s a process that involves engaging both sides” — something he points out the TRC was not mandated to do, as perpetrators were not included in the process.

The damage of colonization is still occurring, he says. “The largest human rights violation in Canada is happening within Indigenous reserves,” Chu says. “I don’t know why Canadians on the whole aren’t engaged with that.”

Reading Mittelstedt article is definitely educational. It made me realize how much I have to learn. This is definitely a trek I want to know more about.

The Tyee Article Sharing BC’s ‘Hidden’ History Shared by Chinese and Indigenous People is at

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