On the Side of the Road

Canadian-Israeli film maker addresses taboo topic

Lia Tarachansky’s On the Side of the Road

Peretz Centre (6184 Ash St)    October 29, 7:30 PM

Admission by donation: please be generous

Lia, a member of Independent Jewish Voices, will be there!

ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD| Israel/Palestine| Hebrew & Arabic| 83 min| 2013

Former West Bank settler Lia Tarachansky looks at Israelis’ collective amnesia of the fateful events of 1948 when the state of Israel was born and most of the Palestinians became refugees.

She follows the transformation of Israeli veterans trying to uncover their denial of the war that changed the region forever.

Tarachansky then turns the camera on herself and travels back to her settlement where that historical erasure gave birth to a new generation, blind and isolated from its surroundings. Attempting to shed a light on the country’s biggest taboo, she is met with outrage and violence.

This event is sponsored by Independent Jewish Voices–Vancouver (call 604.733.2237); Building Bridges Vancouver; and (UNJPPI) The United Network for Justice and Peace in Palestine and Israel, United Church of Canada.


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