Teach Climate Justice

TeachClimate Justice

Teachclimatejustice.ca launched today.  This free resource, the culmination of a two year project on climate justice offers free classroom-ready materials developed by teacher Ryan Cho. It is sponsored by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives BC (CCPA BC) and the BCTF. The lessons—which are divided into eight modules—tie into subject matter and prescribed learning outcomes (PLOs) already in BC’s curriculum, while providing a framework to unpack modern social and environmental issues, such as our industrial food system, consumerism and waste, transportation, and the development of a green economy.

If you’re a teacher looking to include climate justice concepts into your classes, a student hoping to learn more about sustainability and equality, a parent who wants to equip your children with the skills to meaningfully address the important issues of our time, or a community member interested in a healthier and better-informed democracy – this is for you.

Visit teachclimatejustice.ca to check out the curriculum.


I'm a retired teacher still working hard for Peace and Global Education because I'm passionate about social justice issues. I believe we can make this a better world.

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