Shake up Our School Boards!

It’s time to shake up our school boards!

The BCTF is hosting a panel discussion on the upcoming municipal elections and the urgent need for school trustees who will stand up and speak out, not just support the government’s underfunding agenda. 

A couple of progressive former trustees will share their best advice for teachers and parents who want to help elect outspoken advocates for public education. In addition, the founder of CIVIX will outline how their Student Vote program is having a positive impact on students’ knowledge of, and interest in the democratic process. To learn more, see:

When: Wednesday, October 29 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. 
Where: ShakeUpSchoolBoards

The panel will be broadcast via Livestream so teachers across BC can tune in.  Why not get a group together and watch it in your staffroom or local office? BCTF First Vice-President Glen Hansman will moderate the panel and will take your questions on email.

Local Election Contacts and Local Presidents are strongly urged to take part. Please tune in and share your plans and ideas for shaking up your school board!


I'm a retired teacher still working hard for Peace and Global Education because I'm passionate about social justice issues. I believe we can make this a better world.

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