The Global Educator

The Fall 2014 Issue of the Global Educator went out in the mail this week.  We hope you have received your copy. If you are a PAGE BC member and didn’t receive it, please let us know. Email to

Fall2014 Journal CoverIf you aren’t yet a member, this is a great reason to join. You can do so here.

We strive to have our journal be professional, dynamic and socially just. We welcome topics for the journal that discuss and explore a wide variety of social issues which affect the classroom, students, educators and the formal institutions of academia. As a result our journal is informative and practical.

This is the first issue edited by a team of dedicated global educators and we’ve tried something new. Following most of the articles there are discussion questions to provoke some thoughtful feedback and/or discussion with colleagues and older students. It is our hope that readers will enjoy the conversations that come out of reading the articles and perhaps be inspired to share ideas, inspirations and thoughts by writing to our editorial team at We’ll publish what we can in our next issue and/or on this blog.

For the writers in the group or for any teachers working to develop lesson plans which further our work in global education, we invite you to submit articles, letters, book reviews and/or lesson plans to our next issue of the journal. Before doing so please check out the submission and style guidelines on our website at Email your work to before December 15, 2014.


British Columbia Teachers for Peace and Global Education (PAGE BC) is one of 32 Provincial Specialist Associations (PSAs) of the British Columbia Teachers' Federation. PSAs are channels for members to exchange ideas on research, teaching strategies, curriculum development, and other shared interests. Peace & Global Educators teach for citizens of the world who demonstrate humanitarian concern & are cognizant of living in a socially responsible manner.

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