Guest Speakers: Tracy Porteous (EVA BC) & Miriam Palacios (Oxfam Canada)PT_November252014_V05

Date & Time: Nov 25, 2014 – 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Venue: YWCA – 733 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2M4  Canada

PeaceGeeks & Oxfam Canada, featuring End Violence Against Women BC

About This Talk

Nov 25 to Dec 10th marks the annual and global ’16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence’. For over 40 years, women’s anti violence advocates across the globe have been raising awareness on issues related to violence against women to whomever would listen. Yet, Violence against women and girls is one of the most rampant and persistent human right violation. One in three women world-wide experience physical and sexual violence. In all of this, there is much we can be proud of – many social policy advances have occurred over many decades. Great thanks to the thousands of women working at NGOs, the UN, many levels of government, and Indigenous and labour groups who have concerned themselves with the all too stark, often lethal, epidemic reality of men’s violence against women. Violence Against Women is not only a women’s issue as it is men committing many of these abuses. Engaging men as allies is crucial in ending this violence. This talk will address the many drives that contribute to Gender Based Violence – from social cultural, political and economic to the attitudes, practices and norms in society that leads to this. With programs for men and boys in Nicaragua to the Be More than a Bystander, this talk will demonstrate that the idea of engaging with men and boy as allies to end violence against women is important.

Speaker Bios:

Tracy Porteous is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in BC and has been involved in the anti–violence field for 31 years. Tracy is the Executive Director of the Ending Violence Association of BC, a Provincial umbrella Association that supports 240 anti-violence programs across the province who specialize in responding to sexual and domestic violence, child abuse and criminal harassment. Tracy develops resources and programs, develops and delivers training and works collaboratively with various public authorities, including government, to create and coordinate public policy and practice to enhance safety for those who are vulnerable to violence and abuse. Tracy was a member of BC’s first Domestic Violence Death Review Panel, and currently sits as an advisor to the National Victim Policy Centre through the Federal Department of Justice. In 2011 Tracy was honoured with a “Lifetime Achievement Award” by BC’s Child and Youth Representative. In 2012 she was presented with a “Game Changer Award” by the Scotia Bank and accepted the Humanitarian Award from the BC Association of Broadcasters for conceiving and launching the wildly successful province-wide violence against women prevention program called “Be More Than A Bystander; Break The Silence on Violence Against Women”. In 2013 Tracy was honoured with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal for her dedication to service for over 30 years. In 2012 Tracy was invited to attend the United Nations’ 57th Commission on the Status of Women in New York as an official delegate from Canada and to speak about the importance of engaging men and boys in the prevention of violence against women. Tracy is known for her ability to work across a broad number of communities, sectors and cultures and for creating successful strategies and solutions for the many risks facing women and children.
Miriam Palacios is the Public Engagement, Policy and Campaign Officer for Oxfam Canada in B.C. Originally from Guatemala, Miriam has been and tireless human rights activist and advocate. Miriam has helped to educate many people in Vancouver about issues related to Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Food and Trade and many other global and local topics. She is the co-founder of initiatives such as the former Vancouver Fair Trade Coffee Network; Current Board Member of the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation and has participated in several Task Forces such as the Make Poverty History, 2010. Miriam was a member of the Women’s Advisory Committee of the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Food Policy Council. In 2007 Miriam was co-founder of the We Can End All Violence Against Women campaign in B.C and in 2008 Miriam was the recipient of the Renate Shearer Human Rights Award and the Gold Award from the Spirit of the Crane for her Community Work on Human Rights. Miriam has a Masters Degree in Latin American Studies from SFU and has written a Masters Thesis on “Gender and Development Policies and its impact on aboriginal women”.


British Columbia Teachers for Peace and Global Education (PAGE BC) is one of 32 Provincial Specialist Associations (PSAs) of the British Columbia Teachers' Federation. PSAs are channels for members to exchange ideas on research, teaching strategies, curriculum development, and other shared interests. Peace & Global Educators teach for citizens of the world who demonstrate humanitarian concern & are cognizant of living in a socially responsible manner.

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