A Message from David Eby, MLA

I need your help.

Right now, Stephen Harper is writing a new anti-terrorism law that threatens to erode British Columbians’ democratic and legal rights.

As a human rights lawyer, I’ve always worked to defend the rights Canadians cherish.  But Stephen Harper is forcing us to choose between our safety and our freedoms – it’s a false choice.

I need your help to send Harper a message.  Add your voice right now:


British Columbians are concerned, and they have good reason to be.  This proposed law would give the Harper government sweeping new powers to limit rights and freedoms unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Everyone knows terrorism is a real threat, but we don’t have to choose between our security and our rights.

We must protect both.

Add your name if you agree – before Harper tries to pass this law.

This issue is pressing, and your voice is critical.


David Eby

MLA Vancouver-Point Grey


I'm a retired teacher still working hard for Peace and Global Education because I'm passionate about social justice issues. I believe we can make this a better world.

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